Curriculum Development Grants Program


The CERIS Curriculum Development Grants Program is designed to enable faculty members from CERIS institutions to pursue curricular development and enhancement projects related to Islamic Studies. Islamic Studies is understood, as expressed in the CERIS mission statement, to encompass many languages, literatures, and disciplines; and extends from the 7th century to the present, and across broad geographical areas of the world.


Full-time and part time faculty members of CERIS institutions are eligible to submit a proposal. Only one Curriculum Development Grants award is permitted per institution per fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).

Amount of Grant

Each year $2,000 will be made available. Requests for funding may be made for any level, though smaller requests may be more likely to be funded. Funds must be used within one year of the award date.

Curriculum Development and Enhancement

- Library resources – print, electronic, visual media
- Guest speakers – must be advertized and open to other CERIS members (made available via video-conference, posted on CERIS youtube website)
- Field visits by faculty or students
- Attendance at a conference or workshop


Grants will not be awarded for the purpose of funding travel expenses in the event that an applicant has already been awarded an external grant, such as a Fulbright, for this purpose. The applicant may, however, upon returning from such travel apply, for a grant to further the goals of the CERIS Curriculum Development Grants Program.

Grantee Obligations

Persons receiving a grant are required to submit a final report no later than one month after the activity is completed, explaining how the funds were used and what the supported activity outcomes were. Failure to submit a final report would result in disqualification from future consideration.

Application Procedure

A CERIS Curriculum Development Grants application form must be submitted to initiate the review process. The application form is available at this link:


Applications are accepted year-round. Awards are made twice yearly, at fall and spring CERIS meetings.

Past Award Recipients

2008 Weintraub/Music/Pitt- $500.00, Description of Award: Expand course on Islamic music and pop culture in Indonesia
2008 Crawford/History/CALU - $300.00, Presented at 2008 Quadrennial Conference of the Society for the Crusades
2009 Penhallegon/Political Science/Duquesne $175.00, Travel to Middle East conference in Wash DC
2010 Edwards/Mercyhurst/Modern Languages $700.00, Purchase of books to support Arabic language courses
2011 Heim/CALU/History $500.00 (pending), Examination of documents in the India office of Bodleain Library Oxford University, Researching the conduct of Mohammed Ali Jinnah
2012 Gaskew/UPB/Criminal Justice (pending), Travel to Manitoba for lectures on criminal justice system and Muslims
2012 Montgomery/Pitt/Anthropology $500.00, Purchase of books to redesign Anthropology of Islam class
2013 Linn/Pitt/Global Studies Center $300.00 Travel to MESA
2013 Penn State/Center for Global Studies $1000.00 Purchase of books to support Arabic language courses
2014 Frazer-McMahon/Seton Hill/Modern Language, $500.00 Research on Saharaui immigrants in Spain