Securing Egypt's Future

Middle East Institute Host one day conference
The Middle East Institute is hosting a an all-day conference titled “Securing Egypt’s Future.” The event brings together a range of Egyptian and American voices to examine recent political, social, and economic developments with the aim of providing recommendations and solutions for securing a more stable, prosperous, inclusive, and democratic Egypt.


Please note that the conference is divided into morning and afternoon sessions, which require separate registration.

Morning Session

The morning sessions will consider challenges relating to Egypt’s political transition. “Forging a Viable Political Path” will consider the steps that political actors must take to restore Egypt’s path to democracy, while the second session, “Building an Inclusive State,” will bring together liberal and Islamist voices to explore how opposing sides can reconcile and work together to forge a more pluralistic government and society.

Morning Session

Introductory Remarks

Panel I: Forging A Viable Political Path

Coffee Break

Panel II: Working Toward a National Reconciliation

Afternoon Session

The first panel of the afternoon, “Meeting the Needs of the People,” will examine how individuals and institutions can work together to address the key social and economic demands that have driven Egypt’s recent revolutions, namely “bread, freedom, and social justice.” The final panel of the day, “Engaging the International Community,” will examine the steps the international community can take to play a more constructive role in helping Egypt achieve its political, economic, and social goals.

Panel III: Meeting the Needs of the People

Coffee Break

Panel IV: Engaging the International Community

A buffet lunch will be served from 12:30pm to 1:30pm

Featured Panelists and Moderators Include:
Khalil al-Anani, Middle East Institute; Hossam Bahgat, Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights; Nader Bakkar, al-Nour Party; Graeme Bannerman, Middle East
Institute; Jason Brownlee, University of Texas; Hani Sarie Eldin, al Dostour Party; Mohamed Elmenshawy, Middle East Institute; Thomas Friedman, New York Times; Dina Guirguis, Attorney and Activist; Wael Haddara, Former Senior Advisor to Mohamed Morsi; Karim Haggag, National Defense University; Michael Hanna, The Century Foundation; Amy Hawthorne, Atlantic Council; Gameela Ismail, al Dostour Party; Mirette Mabrouk, Atlantic Council; Tarek Masoud, Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government; Jawad Nabulsi, Nebny Foundation; David Rothkopf, Foreign Policy; Abdel Monem Said, Al Masry Al Youm; Diane Singerman, American University; Robin Wright, Wilson Center.

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Event Date: 
Friday, September 13, 2013 - 9:00am to 5:00pm
Sponsored By: 
Middle East Institute
Four Seasons Hotel, 2800 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC