Secondary Education Teachers: Speaking the Culture of Egypt

A dream come true….. spending summer 2014 in Egypt.
The University of Pittsburgh’s Global Studies Center and the Consortium for Educational Resources on Islamic Studies, is pleased to announce a call for applications from secondary school educators to participate in this once in a life time course of study.

This amazing opportunity for teachers is designed to develop skills to communicate across cultures by becoming proficient in Egyptian colloquial Arabic at the intermediate level, and to enhance their ability to educate about other cultures, specifically Arabic and Islamic and the broader Middle East. The program includes pre-departure readings and discussions, cross-cultural training, a 6-week study tour in Egypt, and post-travel curriculum application and dissemination. The in-country program requires teachers to participate in language classes (35%), area study courses and site visits (25%), community service (15%), dialogue with students (10%), and independent study/developing curriculum (10%). There is some free-time too! We will be based in Cairo and will spend several days in Luxor.

In addition to language learning….the guest speakers and site visits will follow a course of study that includes learning about:
Ancient Egyptian Pharaonic & Coptic Historical Settings;
Islamic Foundation and Governance in Egypt ;
Colonization, Political Authoritarianism, & Society’s Response;
Religious Expression & Contemporary Society in Egypt; and
Contemporary Issues & Questions of Identity

While social studies teachers are obvious candidates, language arts, studies arts, and language teachers are also encouraged to apply.

Though we are still working out the details we expect teachers will contribute $1500, in addition to spending money, optional excursions outside of Cairo (except for trip to Luxor) and travel to a pre-departure workshop in Pittsburgh. Participants do not pay for air travel, in-country travel to Luxor, housing, food, instruction, site visits and entrance fees.

More information about the study tour and an application is available at If you want to be kept abreast with information about the program please contact Elaine Linn at

Event Date: 
Sunday, September 15, 2013 - 5:45pm to 7:30pm
Sponsored By: 
University of Pittsburgh
Elaine Linn,
University of Pittsburgh and Cairo, Egypt
Target Audience: 
Elementary and Secondary Education