Qatar Foundation sponsoring Free trip for K-12 Educators

21 Jun 2018


Qatar Foundation is hosting a fully-funded trip to Qatar and Oman from Dec. 23-January 3. ! The application is due June 22, 2018 (or when they get a good cohort of teachers, whichever comes first.) They will take 15 teachers, who are full-time K-12 teachers, teach at a public or public charter school in the U.S., and can demonstrate that you will use what you learn in the classroom. For a lot more information, go to: (and be sure to click on the links).

During this program, educators will explore the city of Doha, Qatar and visit renowned museums such as the Museum of Islamic Art, explore different ecosystems throughout the country and visit educational institutions to gain a better understanding of the country’s education system. After visiting Qatar, educators will travel to Oman to journey through the city of Muscat and enjoy the natural landscapes and history of the country including visits to the Wahiba Sands desert and Wadi Nahkr, known as the Grand Canyon of Oman.
In-country guides will provide historical and cultural insights into both countries while evening group sessions will facilitate curriculum connections and discussion.

Event Date: 
Friday, June 22, 2018 (All day)
Sponsored By: 
Qatar Foundation
Craig Cangemi,
Target Audience: 
Elementary and Secondary Education