Human Rights and the Arts

02 Apr 2022


Speaker: Ziad Abu-Rish
Description: This program is part of our annual Virtual Exchange Fellowship, and is designed to supplement classrooms and teachers that are working with curricula in the Global Nomads Student to World program, though any teacher is welcome and encouraged to participate even if they are not currently working with Global Nomads materials. The workshop will be led by Ziad Abu-Rish (Bard College) and will be in a discussion format, detailing the engaged pedagogy and content that drives the Human Rights and the Arts program at Bard College, where Abu-Rish directs an MA program. Workshop participants will be expected to have read a number of short articles and watch a recorded lecture in advance of the workshop, which will be provided to all registrants at least three days prior.

*promoted by the University of Pittsburgh*

Event Date: 
Saturday, April 2, 2022 - 10:30pm