Children and Youth Literature in the Classroom: Teaching Place and Displacement in Africa and the Middle East

02 Apr 2022


Speaker: Omar Mohamed, George Butler
Description: Join us for the 7th Annual Howard University and Georgetown University gathering for educators, librarians, and pre-service teachers. Howard’s Center for African Studies and School of Education, and Georgetown’s Center for Contemporary Arab Studies feature a workshop on the important topic of teaching about international migration and internal displacement through the lens of people’s experience. The session will feature authors of two award-winning books: Omar Mohamed, author of When Stars are Scattered, a graphic novel written from a child’s perspective on life in a Kenyan refugee camp, and George Butler, author of Drawn Across Borders: True Stories of Human Migration, illustrating a dozen places in the past decade by a wonderfully talented reportage artist. The session includes discussion of pedagogy and resources for classroom use around the topic of humanizing this widespread global issue. Attendees will receive a copy of both books.
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Event Date: 
Saturday, April 2, 2022 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm